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About us

We are startup from Vladivostok thar specializes in complete consulting solutions for our clients. Our company provides high-quality service for our clients in such services as software development, IT infrastructure management, development automation and corporate training. Our goal is to ensure high-quality growth and optimization of all processes of production development of our customers.

Our team actively uses corporate tools aimed at accelerating the development process, facilitating implementation and improving the code base. A lot of interesting and diverse tasks allow you to develop in many areas of development and draw creative inspiration. We strive to make our developers are free to develop and promote products, so strongly encourage our employees to develop. We love Open Source and encourage work on useful projects.

In our process, we adhere to the true DevOps approach:

  • We use and optimize task pipelines and minimize human factor involvement in CI / CD processes.
  • We prefer TDD.
  • We are actively using Gitlab as a git repository and task distribution environment.
  • We communicate well in Mattermost and Slack.
  • We look at the beautiful charts in Grafana.
  • We actively use Ansible both for customers and for ourselves.
  • We deploy and use Kubernetes for customers and for ourselves.
  • We gather like-minded people in local MeetUps for sharing experiences and personal growth.

Our solutions

We keep up with the times and always offer best up-to-date solutions to our clients

Software development

Using Progressive Web Applications, SIP, MRCP and HTTP Live Streaming technologies. We use programming languages such as C / C ++, Go, Python (Django Rest Framework) and ES6 (Vue.js).

IT infrastructure management

Based on OpenStack, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, and Proxmox VE (for deploying k8s clusters) cloud technologies.

Development automation

To reduce the impact of the human factor and delays in production development. The methods are based on the analysis of task pipelines, processes optimization and migration pipeline-logic to the CI/CD.

Corporate training

We offer high-quality training for our customers through the practical application of knowledge.

Our products

We strongly believe in the power of Open Source, that's why we create some of our services as Open Source products

VSTUtils Framework

Small framework with powerful features for simple generation of Progressive Web Applications. It allows to generate automatically web-interface and documentation for your application, all you need to do is describe your RESTful API on the back-end.

It based on Django Rest Framework, OpenAPIv2 and Vue.js and released under Apache License v2.

More about VSTUtils Framework


Ansible based service for IT infrastructure management. It allows you to manage your servers via Ansible Playbooks and Modules with the help of user-friendly web-interface.

Polemarch supports:

  • templates execution;
  • scheduled tasks execution;
  • sharing of hosts, groups, inventories between projects;
  • history of tasks execution with all details;
  • easy configurable clustering for reliability and scalability;
  • import of Ansible projects from Git repository (with submodules) or tar archive;
  • import of inventory file;
  • support of quick project deployment;
  • support of hosts groups and groups hierarchy;
  • support of multi user connection;
  • support of hooks;
  • community project samples.

More about Polemarch


Real knowledge based job search app for nurses. Additionally, an interface for recruiters with a convenient organization of candidates is attached.

Interfaces include:

  • completing personal information;
  • completion of checklists describing work experience;
  • passing specialized tests for time;
  • completing work experience with contacts;
  • sending invitations to applicants and employers indicating access to information;
  • payment for the subscription and individual data via a payment system;
  • organized list of applicants;
  • auto-generated resumes in PDF.

More about Skillschecked

MRCP to HTTP proxy

Service for translating MRCP requests from VoIP services into HTTP requests to the voice generation server. The server is based on the uniMRCP plugin system.

Implemented support for various parameters to simplify the SSML text on the part of clients, optimized performance for the fastest start of voice transmission.

"DevOps is not a Goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement" – Jez Humble

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About us

Company using best approaches to achieve your business goals

Our solutions

  • Software development
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Development automation
  • Corporate training